Wright Family Farms

Purchasing Grass Fed Lamb

We look forward to becoming your families Grass Fed Lamb Farmer.  We offer the finest in Grass Fed Lamb.  Please contact us for a current price sheet in order to order your Grass Fed Lamb. 

The Average Grass Fed Lamb will go to harvest around 80- 90 pounds.  This will decrease to an average of 40 - 60 pounds of frozen packaged grass fed Lamb after all processing is completed for a whole lamb with a standard processing cut.

Some folks like young lambs suitable for whole-carcass barbeques.  Those lambs might weigh around 45 - 50 pounds.  Other folks want as much meat as possible, as long as it remains tender and flavorful.  In general, a 90 - 100 pound lamb is a good choice for these folks.

We use two local processing plants near Warrensburg, Missouri and your lamb can be USDA Certified upon request.

We are here and available to answer any questions and will assist you with ordering details including cuts, cooking instructions and storage options.  We do provide local delivery at an extra cost.