Wright Family Farms

Great Pyrenees

Wright Family Farms, uses Great Pyrenees from working stock to guard our livestock and poultry from predator activity.  Dogs currently working our farm are:  Noah, Samuel, Gracie, Mary and Moses.  We chose the Great Pyrenees because they are known for their sweet and gentle disposition towards children and small animals, and are often described as the Gentle Giant. 

Even as puppies they are easy going, not overly exciteable, patient, and tough as nails.

Great Pyrenees need to bond with the animals they will protect.  This means they need to spend time with with their charges from an early age.  They should be be exposed to all the animals on the farm before they are 3 months to properly 'imprint' on them. 

For more information about this wonderful breed please check out this link.   http://www.great-pyrenees-club-of-southern-ontario.com/dog-behaviour.html

Mary NoahNoahBrotherly LoveMary watching her flockKing Noah on his ThrownGracie Always with her Sheep